Incorporating Community Feedback

Revised Design

Working with the community to ensure our proposal fits the neighborhood and community at-large is a core tenant of what we do. When plans first were presented, we received valuable feedback that has since been incorporated into the proposal. The number of units was reduced from 74 to 50, and the building height was brought down from the initial five stories to three stories, eliminating parking under the building. Since then, in addition to the reduction in size and scale, the building has also been completely redesigned to better match the surrounding community.
The latest changes to the proposal include:

  • Reorientation of the building to run east-west, instead of north-south
  • Removal of any plans to build infrastructure over Mulford Street
  • Redesign of the building to match the neighborhood’s historic charm and blend seamlessly into the aesthetic of the area.

With its next level architecture and design, Cornerstone Waterfront at Patchogue will transform a former industrial site into a serene waterfront property for all to enjoy.

To view more new renderings, please click here.